To Launch an Idea

We love ideas. Every once in a while we come across one that we really love and want to try to put to work. This was how we felt about The Table concept: One table, no menu and food based on the best fresh picks from the local markets. Add people, indeed even perfect strangers, from all over the world sitting down enjoying a culinary journey together as we enjoy each other’s company as much as the foods presented. In the end, we’ve hopefully had an amazing dinner, and also found new friends from both near and afar.

thailand jan 16 (11 of 11)But in all honesty this is a post construction of the concept we envisioned. Yes, the first part is pretty much exactly what we were imagining, but this is the coolest things with putting new ideas in contact with the unpredictable reality: they morph and start living their own lives!

So, what we did NOT foresee was what has proven to be one of the key aspects of this concept: The guests. Obviously, clients are critical for any business, but at The Table they have actually become our main feature!

So when we conclude the first 2 months of operation, we’ve had people from all over the world sitting down at our mountainside terrace including: Thais, French, Belgians, Swiss, Czechs, Americans, Mexicans, Canadians, Norwegians, Finns, Chileans, Japanese, Swedes, Portuguese, Danes, Austrians, Kiwis, South Africans, Australians, Serbs, Russians, Polish, Dutch, Germans, Italians, Spaniards and I am sure I have forgotten a few nationalities as well.

We can’t help but to feel proud of forming a backdrop for countless hours of dynamic meetings between different nationalities, backgrounds and views. And what makes us feel most happy, was captured in a quote of one of our many wonderful guests: “I started dining with strangers, but left with new friends”. –Thanks Sebastien for that quote.

It really sums up the essence of what makes The Table a truly different dining experience!

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